About Us

About SkyBed

Bringing people together to share, learn, inspire, and discover.

Mission + Vision

Our vision is to help bring people together to share, learn, inspire and discover by focusing on the travel and experience. With the organizers and travelers in mind, our mission is to deliver a better travel and buying experience with exceptional customer support, using technology to create a global platform that delivers a seamless travel experience that is personalized for conferences and attendees.

We are travel simplified.

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History + Origin

Founded in 2014, SKYBED started when co-founder Francis Liwanag helped some business travelers (including his co-founder) save tens of thousands of dollars on their international flights. Fueled by the same passion and driven by innovation, Skybed continues to serve business travelers at scale by focusing on what brings people together — Conference and Events. Since its founding, SKYBED has evolved into a travel company that understand the needs of travelers for quality information, managing cost, technology and people to simplify and personalize your travel. 

"A strong and reliable business partner for Miss Universe 2016. We thank you for taking care of the travel needs of the Miss Universe Organization."
LCS Group of Companies
"This is the ONLY online platform in the Philippines that offers travel solutions to MICE organizers and attendees giving the country a platform for new tourism and business opportunities."
Department of Tourism
"Working with SKYBED couldn't have been a better experience. Their responsiveness and going the extra mile for our conference made all the difference."
Affiliate World Asia